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olr The International School of Geneva libraries offer full access to a wide range of electronic databases: Ecolint Discvery service (see below), Britannica School, Encyclopaedia Universalis, World Book online, EBSCO, Jstor, Muse Project, Newsbank, Philip Allan Updates, Edumeda Science, AAAS Science,, Histoire à la carte, Active History. Connection to the these resources require a username and a password. Please contact your school librarian form more information.
EDS Ecolint Discovery Service allows you to search our electronic resources simultaneously. Includes EBSCO, JStor, Muse, Newsbank, Worldbook, Britannica Online, ERIC, Persée etc.., as well as our secondary library catalogues. The EDS search box can only be seen when accessing this page from school. Please use the Online resources button for off-campus access.
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