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Q: Who works in the library media centre?
A: Mr. F. Duchêne, Mrs Mussi and Mrs. Sana Qazi. We also have volunteer parents or students.

Contact us at:        library. sec . cha    @    ecolint . ch

Opening Hours

Q: When is the Library / Multimedia Centre open?
A: Monday – Friday: 8:00 – 16:50

General guidelines

Q: Can I have food, drinks, or sweets in the library?
A: No. If you bring a water bottle, it must be kept in your school bag.

Q: Am I allowed to make a phone call inside the library?
A: No, please put your mobile on silent mode and call or answer from the landing in front of the library.

Q: Why do I have to speak in a low voice in the library?
A: You must allow others to research and work undisturbed.

Q: What do I do if I wish to work with a group of friends?
A: You can freely use one of the small seminar rooms (for more than two persons); if the door is locked, then the room is probably booked for a class or an exam and it cannot be used.

Q: What do I do with books I take off the shelf but don’t want to check out?
A: If you take books off the shelf, please do not put them back. Place them on the book carts.


Q: How many items can I have out?
A: There is no set limit.You can take what you need.

Q: For how long can I check out books?
A: Books can be checked out for two weeks. You may renew a book if no one has reserved it.

Q: Can I check out magazines?
A: Yes, they can be loaned for two weeks as well.

Q: Can I check out music CDs, DVDs?
A: Yes.

Q: How do I know if the library has the book I’m looking for?
A: You must consult our online catalogue (see below).

Q: What if another user has the title I want?
A: You can put in a reservation for it at the issue desk or directly from the online catalogue (see below).

Q: The book I need is not in the catalogue, what can I do?
A: Fill a recommendation form at the desk (or online) or ask the librarians; it could be bought, or borrowed from another library for you.

Using the Library Catalogue

Q: How can I access the library catalogue?
A: You can either use one of the four dedicated computers in the library, or any other school computer. In the library, the Internet default home page is the Library’s webpage, on which a link to our catalogue can be found. You can also use the following URL:

Q: How do I use the search engine?
A: 1. Type your search query into one or more of the three keyword boxes. To use different indexes or Boolean operators, select a different index or operator in the appropriate list. 2. Limit your search by selecting a material type (such as Book or DVD) in the Material Types list, if desired. 3. Click Search.

Q: How do I read the search results page?
A: Once a search query is sent, the Results page appears listing all the records matching the query. It displays a maximum of 50 brief records at a time. To view the rest of the results list, click the horizontal scroll bar or any of the navigation links at the bottom of the page. From this page you can change the display format (Bibliography-compliant formats, such as MLA are available), sort the record list differently (by title, by author, etc…). To view more information about a specific record, click the Details link. This opens the Details page containing the expanded bibliographic record.

Q: How do I know if the item I’m looking for is available?
A: Refer to the color of the square or star-shaped icon next to the record. Green signifies available and Red signifies unavailable (Blue indicates an electronic resource).

Q: What are the My account and My bookbag buttons for?
A: My Account is a great feature that allows you to access your library account, view information including current transactions, past transactions, and personal information that is on record with the library. You can also renew items on loan as well as reserve those you’d like to check out.  Click the My Account link in the side menu. (If you have not already signed in using the sign in link, you will be prompted to do so.) Your username should be exactly the same as your computer account (most often [First Name].[Last Name]). Your default password is your student number, as it appears on your ID card (STUxxxxx). Click the following links to access your information: My Info – Lists your personal information, such as address and telephone number, that the library has on file. Current Transactions – Lists your open transactions. History – Lists your transaction history. Change Login/Password – Allows you to change your login information.
Renewing Items: on the My Account page, click the Current Transactions link, click the Renew button that corresponds to the item you want to renew. On the confirmation page, click OK. Please note that you cannot renew overdue items.
Reserving items: this can be done for any item, after you click details.Under Copies/Availability, click Reserve. (If multiple copies are available, click the Reserve button that corresponds to the desired copy.), on the confirmation page, click OK.

Overdue / Lost Materials

Q: What if I do not return an item on time?
A: Reminders for overdue items are sent by email every Tuesday to your school email address ( [First Name].[Last Name] They are only sent for your information: it is your responsibility to bring back your loans on time, even if you haven’t received any reminder.

Q: Uh, what if my loan is more than 4 weeks overdue?!!!!
A: Bills are printed and sent every Thursday for all overdue items over 28 days. At the moment, no fine is due if an overdue item is returned before the bill is sent, but whenever a bill is printed, a fine will be due (calculated from the 1st overdue day at the rate of Sfr. 0.20/overdue day). If an overdue item is lost or damaged, an administrative fee of Sfr. 5 is due in addition to its replacement cost.

Q: Ok, my loan is more than overdue, but can I please check this other book out?
A: Are you Kidding? Students with items that are more than 28 days overdue are not allowed to use/access the library.

Q: What happens if I lose or damage a book or a media?
A: You will be charged the replacement cost of lost or damaged materials plus an administrative charge of 5 francs . If you find it in good condition not long after you’ve paid for it, we will refund your money.

Q: Can I have it charged to my school account?
A: No, it must be paid directly to the library staff.

Online Resources

Q: Are the Library Catalogue and Website available from home?
A: Yes, the main site’s address is La Chat Secondary Library’s website direct link is:

Q: Does the library subscribe to any online resources?
A: Yes, these are more trustworthy than many sites you find with Google. We currently offer access to: EBSCO, JSTOR, Europresse, Encyclopaedia Britannica, Encyclopedia Universalis, EDUMEDIA Science, Herodote, Histoire à la Carte, Hodder Magazines, AAAS Science, Newsbank, the Oxford English Dictionary and World Book Online.

Q: Can I simultaneously search several resources at once?
A: Yes. This is called Ecolint Discovery service. From a single search box, you can search ou library catalogues as well as most of our online resources, including EBSCO, JStor, Worldbook, Britannica and many more.

Q: Can I access these resources from home?
A: Yes, for most of them. This can be done from

Q: I’m being asked for a password.
A: Please ask the librarians to obtain a valid username and password. This is necessary to ensure that you are a member of the school community when using our resources from home.


Q: I can’t log on, what’s happening?
A: Ask the librarians for help. You might have forgotten your password, or maybe you simply misspelled it. Or some technical problem could have occurred on the network or the computer.

Q: I can’t connect to and my email account.
A: Ask the librarians. Most of the time, we’ll be able to fix it.

Q: Should I tell my password to my friends ?
A:No. The account’s owner is responsible for what is done with it on the school’s computers or on the school’s network. Also, you will get no refund if someone else uses up your printing allowance with your username.

Q: How can I change my Windows/Wifi password?
A: From Windows, when logged in, just do CTRL+ALT+DEL on the keyboard, and click on change password. You may also ask the librarians.

Q: Are the computers supervised?
A: Yes. The Library staff and the teachers can watch all the computers’ screens through a remote software. Of course, attempting to disable this software is strictly forbidden.

Q: Can I view any DVD, including my own?
A: No. Only our school resources can be viewed on our premises.

Q: Is it possible to scan a document in the library?
A: Yes, please use one of the the multifunction printers.

Q: Can I borrow headphones to hear sound on the computer?
A: No, you must bring your own headphones.


Q: Am I allowed to play games on the library’s computers or on my personal device (including phone or tablet)?
A: No. This includes on-line games and games you could have installed on a memory stick or found on the network.

Q: Am I allowed to watch tv show or streamed movies in the library?
A: No.

Q: Am I allowed to check my personal email on the library computers?
A: Yes.


A Wifi network is available in the library for use with your personal laptops or handheld devices.

Q: What is available?
A: Internet :YES (filtered); Printing: YES: please send an email with attachment to ; from sour school email address. Supported formats are Word, Excel and Powerpoint. School network (Home Drive, Network Resources) : NO.

Q: What are the conditions of use?
A: ALL the rules that apply to the library computers also apply to your personal computer when used in the library. School tech rules apply in the library as well.

Q: More specifically, what is not allowed?
A: Games, watching tv shows, series, movies, and more generally any application or website that would cause disruptive behaviour.

Q: What happens if I fail to follow the rules?

A: As your Wifi account is the same as your regular school account, your right to use both systems could be suspended.

Q: Now that I understand what is allowed and what is not, how am I supposed to connect?
A: Only attempt to connect to Ecolint-Extranet (the other one is for school computers)

You must use your school computer account in the following format:

username: your school Windows account  [First Name].[Last Name]
password: your school Windows password [your password]

Make sure that your network configuration is set to obtain an IP address automatically through a DHCP server. Don’t configure your TCP/IP or network settings manually.


Q: Where are the printer/photocopying machines (multifunction printers)?
A: Next to the issue desk, inside the library.

Q: How can I print?
A: The only available printers are know as multifunction printers. You need your student card to use them. to put credits on your card, you must use the machine (moneyloader) that is installed on the landing outside the library. Please note that the machine doesn’t accept coins and that the minimum required amount is therefore of 10 CHF. You can also put money on your card using the cashless portal.

Q: How does it work?
A: Just print normally from any computer, adjust your settings using the properties button on the print windows; then go to the photocopy machine and present your photocopy card. In case of problem, please ask the librarians.

Q: Is it possible to print in colour?
A: Yes. If you need a colour print, click properties on the print windows from your computer and select the appropriate option.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: A4, B&W: 0.15 Sfr. / page.
A4, Colour: 0.75 Sfr.
A3, B&W: 0.30 Sfr.
A3, Colour: 1.00 Sfr.

Q: I tried to print, but nothing came out of the printer after I pressed #.
A: Do you have enough money loaded in your card? In doubt, please ask the librarians.

Q: Can I refill my photocopy card?
A: Yes, please use the machine on the landing outside the library.

Small Study Rooms

Q: What should I use the small rooms for?
A: Small rooms should be used by small groups (more than 2 students) who need to talk as they work. They should not be used as a quiet place you can go to concentrate: the quiet place is supposed to be the library itself. If other students are making too much noise, ask them to stop, to leave or tell them to get a small room if they really need to talk AND work.

Q: How can I use a small room at the back of the centre to study with my friends?
A: If the door is unlocked and the room empty, then you can use it freely. Leave it in good condition when you’re finished.

Q: Are all the rooms intended for group study?
A: No, one is reserved for comfortable leisure reading and will remain permanently locked..

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  1. Is there any way to report websites that sneak through the filter, other than to warn the librarian directly (that way we can give the URL)?

    1. No. Our books are physical printed copies. However hundred thousands of articles or ebooks are available in our Online Resources section.

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