Schizophrenia: whether it’s the associations it conjures or the people it brings to mind, it is a word we all have a view on.

How we perceive it – and how we treat people living with it – is at the core of how we understand mental health.

But what do we really know? How much time do we spend listening? Do we truly comprehend this complex and often contradictory diagnosis?

In this book, Nathan Filer, mental-health nurse and award-winning writer, takes us on a journey into the psychiatric wards he once worked on. He also invites us to spend time with world-leading experts, and with some extraordinary people who share their stories about living with this strange and misunderstood condition.

This book will change your mind about mental health debunks myths, challenges assumptions, and offers fresh insight into what it means to be mad, and what it means to be human.

This book will change your mind about mental health, 616.898 FIL, 248 pages.

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