What is EDS?

A Discovery service is a system that searches seamlessly across a wide range different resources, providing relevance-ranked results, making research quicker, easier and more efficient. It’s meant to be a high quality alternative to Google as well as a one-stop access to almost all the library’s print or online collections.

Discovery services are frequently available in University libraries, but are extremely rare in schools. As a matter of fact, Ecolint is one of the very few schools in the World to provide its community with such a research tool.

Ecolint Discovery Service is available at libraries.ecolint.ch

What’s in EDS?

EDS’s main search box is a incredibly quick and easy way to search a large number of resources all at once:

  • Major academic databases such as JStor or EBSCO, the International Database of Theater and Dance, Oxford Art online, offering millions of full-text high quality academic articles.
  • 35 000 Books and magazine held at la Chat, and 35 000 more from the LGB and Nations secondary libraries (available through interlibrary loan within two days)
  • Encyclopedias such as Britannica school and Worldbook
  • Hundred of millions of newspaper and magazine articles from thousands of publications, including major sources like The Financial Times, Time Magazine, History Today, The Atlantic or The Times.

Using EDS

EDS offers a wide range of limiters (more than Google, for instance). This means research works pretty much like a funnel: you usually first get thousands of results (even if you’ve used carefully chosen keywords). But it is easy to reduce their number by using limiters, which can be selected with a single click:

  • by content provider (to see what was found in a specific resource)
  • by type of provider (catalog only for print resources, full-text and peer-reviewed for online resources.
  • by date
  • by subject
  • etc.

Results can be cited, exported, stored in folders, downloaded etc…

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