Your library just hosted a great talented artist, the Irish storyteller Niall de Búrca for two captivating sessions. Wednesday at lunch time, year 11 students (and a few others, 170 in total) had the pleasure to listen to Niall’s tale of Hubris: the story of an arrogant priest conversing with a skull… The session ended on a light and positive note with a short funny story told at very high speed !

On Thursday, year 10 and a few students (160 people) enjoyed the dreadful story of a young man facing three ferocious banshees, hungry for… eyes. Action, fear and even a few disgusting moments (those who were there certainly remember the description of the old man’s sockettes…) in tone with Halloween and the audience, who loved it ! The concluding ending story was told even faster and with brio !

Bravo Niall and thanks to Mr. Hambley and to the English department for organising such a great event ! Looking for more Irish tales? Yes please.

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