Ufology is replete with varying descriptions of UFOs and their occupants -so much so that concluding an alien intelligence is piloting them goes against the more logical and reasonable conclusion that the only intelligence behind the phenomenon is the human brain itself: here’s what we know: people report seeing things in the sky they cannot explain. Reported objects come in all shapes and sizes: saucers and triangles and cigar shapes and everything in between. Glowing orbs and rotating lights have been reported as well. Some people report encountering entities associated with these objects. They, too, come in all shapes and sizes, but most reports of the beings are anthropomorphic*. Due to a lack of better explanations, some people conclude (despite all the differences) that there’s a core truth here that the human race is not alone, that it’s being visited or coexisting with an entity that appears to be so advanced that it’s nearly godlike.

We don’t know if the entities are extraterrestrials, inter-dimensional beings, or some combination thereof. They are, however, undoubtedly the greatest players of hide-and-seek the human race has ever encountered…

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*having human characteristics.

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