The latest issue of the IB review has arrived, and it’s packed with down to earth tips for IB students:

In the field : from IB science to researching : Artic ground squirrels — Truth and TOK : does art need to be true to be beautiful? — Choosing the best text for your IOP — Gesunde neue welt? : Juli Zehs Roman Corpus Delicti : Ein Prozess (2009) — Psychological studies : how positive are you ? — Improve your learning in mathematics — Best practice for your film presentation and independant study — Analysing the Arrival –Approaching the musical links investigation — Extended essay : top ten tips for writing a history EE — China’s big goal — Theory of knowledge : authority explained.

The April issues of Eight other Hodder reviews for Y12 and Y13 students are also available (History, Geography, Economics, Business, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and English)

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