Just what is in the box? Find out in Explorer: the mystery boxes, edited by Amulet author Kazu Kibuishi. Seven clever stories by eight incredible comics creators!

Under the Floorboards by Emily Carroll: A box, a doll…but it’s no ordinary plaything!
Spring Cleaning by Dave Roman & Raina Telgemeier: There really is mystery in the back of a messy closet!
The Keeper’s Treasure by Jason Caffoe: A treasure inside a labyrinth inside a temple which way to turn now?
The Butter Thief by Rad Sechrist: There’s more than one way to trap a house spirit!
The Soldier’s Daughter by Stuart Livingston: There are mysteries of life and death–and beyond.
Whatzit by Johane Matte: Oh no, not that box! Watch out, little alien!
The Escape Option by Kazu Kibuishi: A strange, meteoric box and an otherworldly choice.

Plus 14 other stories in volume 2: the lost islands and volume 3: the hidden doors. (BD F KIB, 3 vol. 128 pages each)

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