The Alps are the largest and most significant high mountain area in Europe and the starting point for numerous debates on transit traffic, climate change, tourist trends or the impact of a global market economy, to name but a few. What has been lacking so far is a sound basis of cross-national data, as well as comparative maps generated from such a basis. Editors Ulrike Tappeiner, Axel Borsdorf and Erich Tasser, together with well-known experts and practitioners from the respective nation states, were thus confronted with the task of compiling an up-to-date and solid basis of information that would support stakeholders from the fields of research, politics and the economy in dealing with issues and decisions involving the Alpine region. This is how Mapping the Alps came about. It contains more than 100 four-colour, pan-Alpine maps on social, economic, and environmental aspects, presented in an intuitive format with concise interpretations in German, French, Italian, Slovenian, and English. (914.947 TAP)

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