perijeeAuthor Ross Montgomery started writing stories as a teenager, when he really should have been doing homework, and he alexcontinued writing weird and funny titles like Perijee and me ,when 11-year-old Caitlin discovers a shrimp-like alien creature on the shores of her island home and takes responsibility for teaching it about the world. There’s only one problem – Perijee won’t stop growing. Then the authorities try to hunt him down and Perijee disappears and starts causing trouble. Caitlin must leave home and travel across the country to try and convince Perijee to stop destroying everything before it’s too late…

If you prefer a strange, slightly surreal world, then pick up Alex, The Dog And The Unopenable Door. An intriguing title – always a good start! Alex Jennings is a boy with a lot of problems. But with the help of a talking dog and a girl with unfeasibly sharp teeth, he just might have what it takes to discover what lies at the heart of the Forbidden Lands… (F MON)


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