A travel diary from 1863 inspires author Diccon Bewes to retrace Thomas Cook’s historic train trip that revolutionized tourism forever.slow train to Switzerland

In Slow Train to Switzerland: one tour, two trips, 150 years–and a world of change apart , he embarks on a historical train ride following the route taken by Thomas Cook in the nineteenth century: the round trip would then take 3 weeks and was a rail journey travelling from London to Lucerne. The success of this tour meant that Cook became a household name and gave rise to modern mass tourism. With the aid of a diary written by a female passenger documenting the trip day by day, Diccon Bewes follows the footsteps of these early tourists.

Tourism provided the motivation and the means for building railways up into the mountains, and it brought money and jobs into the poorest parts of the country. It became the engine for development and the backbone of Swiss economic success. Without tourism, Switzerland would be a very different place today.

Read this book and find out what has changed and what has not, in travelling to the Alps by train (914.94 BEW)

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