dernier theoreme de Fermathistoire des codes secretssimpsonsFermat's last theoremSimon Singh, science author, television producer and presenter will be visiting the school on Monday 7th March. He founded the Good Thinking Society, which is a non-profit organisation promoting scientific skepticism. It aims at encouraging curious minds and promoting rational enquiry. If you have had the chance to attend one of his lectures, you may be interested to know more about his work by looking up these titles available in the library.

Simon Singh, docteur en physique nucléaire et journaliste scientifique, sera à l’école lundi 7 mars. Il est le fondateur de la  Good Thinking Society, dont le but est d’encourager les esprits curieux. Si vous avez la chance d’assister à l’une de ses présentations, vous pouvez ensuite consulter  ses ouvrages disponibles à la bibliothèque.

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