ExhibitionA country so diverse – a myriad of languages, colors, religions, food and attire, yet so similar in its values and culture.Take a quick journey and catch glimpses of this ever-changing nation from the north to the south and east to the west in The Age of Kali.Or take a leisure stroll through Delhi where the echoes of its past speak out loud in The City of Djinns (915.4 DAL).

Religion is deeply ingrained in the Indian society and unfortunately it is often used by political powers to divide the nation. Rituals gain control over the true message of every religion – the message of peace and unity. In a very amusing and entertaining manner, discover how this strong message is delivered to the Indian people by an alien from another planet: watch the Hindi film pk and have a laugh! (DVD F PK)

Want to get immersed in a good fiction? In Sister of my Heart, by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni, Sudha and Anju, born in a big old Calcutta house on the same tragic night that their fathers were mysteriously lost, are cousins; closer even than sisters, they share their worries and dreams in the matriarchal Chatterjee household. But when Sudha discovers a terrible secret about the past, their mutual loyalty is sorely tested (F DIV).

Come and look up all these in our Indian exhibition!

XXIRoman policier palpitant en livre audio ou documentaire sur ce singulier “pays-monde”, vous trouverez quelque chose d’intéressant dans notre sélection sur l’Inde.


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