BieLie“What if the Allies never won the second world war? What if Germany won, and in 2014 Britain was ruled by a Nazi regime? Jessika Keller, the book’s protagonist, is a good girl, and always does what is expected of her as a dutiful daughter of the ‘Greater German Reich’.

Jessika’s best friend, however, is far from a conformist good girl; she’s a free thinker and her actions threaten to knock Jessika from the pedestal her world is so precariously placed on. This book is smart, political and explores teenage self discovery, and the secrets Jessika’s society is shrouded in. As you delve further and further into this book, you uncover more about the total wrongness of it all.

The Big Lie is groundbreaking and truly remarkable, confronting and challenging ideas about sexism, feminism, sexuality and freedom. Yes, whilst we may not live in a country ruled by a Nazi regime, that doesn’t mean the messages and themes in this book are irrelevant; in fact, I believe they’re more relevant than ever… (text by imaginaryunicorn, Guardian children’s books site teen reviewer,, 14/07/2015)

Also worth viewing is The big lie Tumblr, by the author (F MAY)


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