Fastest boyWith the new school year starting and the tone firmly set on the importance of aspirations and perseverance, The Fastest Boy in the World seems like a perfect book to kick off with. Our main character, Solomon, dreams of following in the steps of his role models, the Ethiopian Olympians, to become an elite runner. The young boy lives on a farm with his family in a small rural village some 30 km from Addis Ababa. Like many children, he runs everywhere, including to school and back, a 7.5 km journey each way. One day his grandfather tells him he is to accompany him on a journey to the Capital. The reason for the sudden trip is a mystery but Solomon is thrilled to learn that it will coincide with the victory parade of the Ethiopian Olympic team. A chance to catch a glimpse of his running heroes! When his grandfather becomes seriously ill, Solomon must prove his worth as a runner as he races back to the village for help. A fast paced touching story which unfolds over just a few days as the young schoolboy unravels a family mystery and we learn a little about Ethiopia, its different customs, history and ways of life along the way. (F LAI)

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