Eyre AffairWe’ve had several requests for something a little different lately. Jasper Fforde’s book The Eyre Affair, can certainly be described as a little off the wall. In fact, upon reading, I think you’ll find it to be one of those eccentric love it or hate it novels. The author casts his net wide, playing with a mix of genres from sci-fi to literary, through mystery, humour,  fantasy and even a whiff of horror. Add to the pot a crusade against literary forgeries, resurrected dodos, a crazy inventor and the secret police and what emerges is an engrossing tale set against the backdrop of a surreal world steeped in literary and artistic tradition (though very UK centric). A world where time travel is customary and cloning a reality.  At the centre of it all is Thursday Next, a LiteraTec detective who gets embroiled in a plot to kidnap vital characters from literary classics.  Whilst definitely whimsical, the story does offer an interesting perspective on the value and meaning that society places on literature. Read on to find out whether Thursday will be able to restore Jane to her rightful place in Bronté’s novel, and quid of the dodo ?! (F FFO)

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