MockingbirdA plot ? I dare say there might be. The nub of the conspiracy? Well reading of course! Elena is hatching a plan to make her fellow classmates more enthusiastic about their classics. Her own personal favorite, To Kill A Mockingbird, just so happens to have been recommended as summer reading by their recently defunct English teacher “Fat Bob”. Roping in her two best friends, the trio set about putting Elena’s grand plan into action. Drawing on basic marketing and economic principles they spirit away all available copies of the book, whilst hyping the mystery by creating a parallel buzz on-line via their site “destroying the mockingbird”. Having unwittingly started a mini revolution, the self-titled literary terrorists must come clean as the plan goes viral. Whilst this delightful little book is laced with thoughtful conversations and light banter between the threesome on literature it also touches on  more serious themes such as the power of social media, illness and death. So if you are in the mood for something fresh, quick and light which might just spark off a few ideas why not try I Kill the Mockingbird(F ACA)

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