cat roofThe Cat who came in off the Roof is a perfect little book for cat lovers. Until recently a cat herself, Miss Minou has retained many of her cattish habits. This causes both mayhem and embarrassment   as she alternately tries to scratch people or dashes for cover up a tree. Tibble is a reporter  who’s has been ordered to come up with something other than a cat story or else.  Luckily, having fortuitously  met Miss Minou, he is now able to tap into the news on the street via the cat press agency. Butcher’s cat, school cat, tatter cat, deodorant cat and cross eyed Simon, all have juicy gossip to share, and word has it that someone in high up places has something to hide…  A delightful story that looks at life through a slightly different lens.  And if you are doing the Reading Challenge, you could win your international medal along the way (the book is translated from Dutch) and pick up the Library medal as a bonus! (F SCH)

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