tornadoLife is somewhat claustrophobic in the risk averse town of Barrow.  Life threatening perils are supposedly everywhere but whether it be ravenous bears or tornadoes, the adults have it all under control. Why there is even a Barrow Storm Law dictating unearthly bedtimes and totally uncool high visibility clothing! Thirsty for adventure and excitement, Owen and his friends decide that it’s high time to live a little. And so taking their lives into their own hands, they hatch a plan to chase after a tornado on the next Grade 5 Storm Warning. But just where is the line between bravery, freedom and security? The gang is about to find out …

The blend of humour, unexpected twists and turns, suspense and vivid descriptions make The Tornado Chasers a thought-provoking read that both children and adults may enjoy. (F MON)


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