The_Jungle-9780199569717-amThe Jungle is a 1906 novel telling the story of Jurgis, a Lithuanian immigrant trying to make ends meet in Chicago. He and his family live near the stockyards and meatpacking district, and he works in a slaughterhouse. Rudkus had thought the US would offer more freedom, but he finds working conditions harsh. He and his young wife struggle to survive. They fall deeply into debt...

The author initially intended to describe the terrible exploitation of the American factory workers, but the readers’ attention was mostly drawn to the food safety issues the novel raised. Public pression finally led to the vote of the first consumer protection laws in the US and eventually to the creation of the Food and Drug Administration in 1930.

The book is available in a brand-new edition in the library. The Jungle, by Upton Sinclair (F SIN)
(source: Wikipedia; article: The Jungle)

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