Every week, three ideas for reading and how to search for them in the library catalogue :

1. horror stories:Subject
The proper term for horror stories in library catalogues is “horror tales”. Search for it in subject (set the first search attribute on subject if necessary). For the lazy ones, here’s a selection.

2. AIDS in fiction:AIDS
Search for “AIDS (disease)” in subject AND (for Fiction) in Local call number). The AND boolean operator makes sure that only the hits that meet the two requirements (AIDS and fiction) are displayed. This basically gets rid of non-fiction book about AIDS. Here’s the easy link.

3. ancient history:rome
This is trickier as there’s no general keyword for ancient history. If you use “historical fiction” in subject, you’d then get a long list of items on any historical period. But as ancient history can be for instance Roman or Greek history, you can run narrower searches by combining “historical fiction” with these terms: Subject: “Rome” AND Subject: “historical fiction“.
Fiction on ancient Rome
Fiction on ancient Greece

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