The territory, by Sarah Govett

The_Territory-9781910080184-amThe year is 2059. Noa Blake is just another normal 15 year old. Except in the Territory normal isn’t normal. The richest children can download information and bypass the need to study. In a flooded world of dwindling resources, Noa and the other ‘Norms’ have their work cut out to compete. And competing is everything – anybody who fails the TAA exam at 15 will be shipped off to the disease-ridden Wetlands, to a life of misery, if not certain death. The territory , 202 pages, F GOV.


vanishedGone–without a trace… In this book Vanished by Elizabeth Macleod, curious readers will find six compelling stories about some of the world’s most bewildering disappearances. Do you know about the Alcatraz prison break, where three dangerous convicts engineered a daring escape? Did they live to see freedom, or did they perish in the icy waters surrounding the prison? And will anyone ever know what happened to the captain and crew of the SS Mary Celeste? In 1872, it set out from New York for Genoa in Italy, but everyone on board disappeared for no apparent reason.

This irresistible combination of suspense and history also serves as an introduction to the advances in technology that may help discover what really happened in each unsolved mystery, such as the disappearance of the Malaysia Airlines flight 370 last year. (001.94 MAC)

Nous, les enfants sauvages, d’Alice de Poncheville

nouslesenfantsAprès l’éradication des animaux qui ont causé des épidémies et ravagé le monde, celui-ci se reconstruit petit à petit. Linka et sa petite sœur Oska vivent dans la 16e Maison, un orphelinat où chacun doit préparer son avenir pour répondre au mieux aux exigences du Ministère. Un jour, Linka trouve une bête dans un terrain vague. Elle la nomme Vive et, se sentant soudain plus forte avec la présence de cet être étrange, elle commence à rêver d’une autre vie… Nous, les enfants sauvages (R PON)

Where in the World is… ? 2016-2017/02


Silfra þingvellir National Park in Iceland.  The fissure on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. The quiz was won by Hanaaz Qazi (Y9) and Joe Morikawa-Philips (Y8)

Silfra þingvellir National Park in Iceland. The fissure on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. The quiz was won by Hanaaz Qazi (Y9) and Joe Morikawa-Philips (Y8)

Correctly identify the exact location of the photograph. Use your geographic knowledge, the internet or books in the MMC to help. Winners in years 7, 8 and 9 will earn a Geography Credit. All winners will be posted outside the Geography rooms. Send your answers to Mr. Ashworth at duncan . ashworth @ ecolint . ch

Password, by Martin Paul Eve


Conjuring our passwords has become a daily act of our computer-saturated existence. By no means sequestered to our digital present, Martin Paul Eve’s excellent account of the password covers its long and lively history: ranging from ancient Rome and the ‘watchwords’ of military encampments, through the three-factor authentication systems of Harry Potter and up to the biometric scanner in the iPhone, Password makes a timely and important contribution to our understanding of the words, phrases and special characters that determine our belonging and, often, our being. Password, 124 pages, 005.8 EVE.

The Eagle of the Ninth, by Rosemary Sutcliff

sutcliffThe Ninth Legion marched into the mists of northern Britain – and they were never seen again. Four thousand men disappeared and their eagle standard was lost. It’s a mystery that’s never been solved, until now… Marcus has to find out what happened to his father, who led the legion. So he sets out into the unknown, on a quest so dangerous that nobody expects him to return.

The Eagle of the Ninth is heralded as one of the most outstanding children’s books of the twentieth century and has sold over a million copies worldwide. Rosemary Sutcliff writes with such passion and attention to detail that Roman Britain is instantly brought to life and stays with the reader long after the last page has been turned. The book is also now the subject of a major film… The Eagle of the ninth, book one of the Roman Britain trilogy, 210 pages, F SUT.

Les enquêtes d’Alfred et Agatha, d’Ana Campoy

Si Alfred Hitchcock et Agatha Christie s’étaient rencontrés lorsqu’ils étaient enfants, quelles aventures auraient-ils pu vivre ensemble ? En voici deux exemples…Alf1 Alf2

L’affaire des oiseaux: Après avoir fait atterrir un avion de sa fabrication sur la perruque du poissonnier, le jeune Alfred se retrouve en prison, pour une nuit. Il y fait la connaissance d’un détenu, Victor. Le jeune homme clame son innocence et supplie Alfred d’aller demander de l’aide à Agatha Miller. Dès sa sortie, le garçon se rend à l’adresse indiquée par Victor. Quelle n’est pas sa surprise de découvrir qu’Agatha a 10 ans, comme lui ! Et la fillette, qui a monté une agence de détectives, lui apprend que Victor, le jardinier ses riches voisins, est accusé de leur avoir volé des objets de valeur : des oiseaux en or, ornés de pierres précieuses… (R CAM, 223 pages, classes 7 et 8)

Qu’est-il arrivé à Snouty Jones? En récompense pour ses bonnes notes, Alfred reçoit un shilling en argent de la part de son père. Tout fier, il va chez Agatha pour le lui montrer. Son amie en profite pour lui présenter son voisin, l’écrivain Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, auteur de romans policiers et créateur du célèbre Sherlock Holmes. Alfred est enchanté par cette rencontre. Mais il se querelle avec Snouty Jones, la chienne à deux queues d’Agatha car elle a mordillé son précieux shilling. Le lendemain, alors qu’il décide d’aller faire la paix avec la petite chienne, Hercule, le majordome des Miller, vient lui annoncer une affreuse nouvelle : Snouty Jones a disparu ! Agatha est convaincue qu’elle a été enlevée… (R CAM, 216 pages, classes 7 et 8)

Thoughts on Curiosity

Ccuriosityuriosity is a quality that we like to see in our library, in students and adults alike, and so this title, Curiosity, by Alberto Manguel is a perfect way to start the new school year, with the art of asking questions and exploring answers…  In each chapter of his book, the famously inquisitive and well-read Alberto Manguel tackles a variety of difficult questions: Who am I? What is language? Where is our place? How are we different? Why do things happen? What can we possess? What comes next?…

Among the many fictional or mythical characters that readers meet on this journey through the history of mankind are Eve, Pandora, Ulysses and Ebenezer Scrooge, as well as a host of real scholars, religious figures, authors, poets, artists, philosophers and even economists.

It is worth noting that one of the book’s charms is the presence of numerous unusual illustrations. Curiosity, 377 pages, 814.54 MAN.

Nick and Tesla, by “Science Bob” Pflugfelder and Steven Hockensmith

Nick_and_Teslas_High-Voltage_Danger_Lab_A_Mystery_with_Electromagnets__Burglar_Alarms__and_Other_Gadgets_You_Can_Build_Yourself-9781594746482-amNick_and_Teslas_Solar-Powered_Showdown_A_Mystery_with_Sun-Powered_Gadgets_You_Can_Build_Yourself-9781594748660-amWarning: contains mystery, adventure, and explosive projects you can build yourself! After moving in with their eccentric uncle, Nick and Tesla encounter strange occurrences in their new neighborhood and build gadgets using simple household objects to help them solve the mysteries…

What is particular with all the Nick and Tesla books it that they include detailed how-to instructions on building all kinds of cool gadgets for real. Nick and Tesla’s high-voltage danger lab and Nick and Tesla’s solar-powered showdown (F PFL)