VroomPi looks around and send Morse messages!

piconzero + blinkt

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VroomPi in action!

VroomPi: Summer 2017’s car! DietPi + Pizero AND Piconzero…

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A raspberry Pi Laser Trip wire exercice

DietPi, Magnus’s hand, a laser, a LDR and a Blue LED to be switched ON/OFF.
(following this worksheet)

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Use DietPi to build a Pi Robot from scratch: Step 1

1 SD card 16 GB
1 laptop
1 raspberry Pi 3 or Pi Zero W
1 WIFI Access point (our: D-link D600)
And follow the Instructions !

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Gianopi at Pi Wars 2017

This gallery contains 3 photos.

Last Saturday, six students of the Senior Robotics Club (Y9 to 13) fought the 3rd Pi Wars robot competition in Cambridge. Despite massive unforeseen connection issues and blatant unpreparedness, the mighty Gianopi robot ranked 11 out of 18. However the little … Continue reading

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Giano Pi + PS4 controllers

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GianoPi on The Guardian

See the GianoPi contribution to Guardian Witness : “Share your best Raspberry Pi or Arduino projects” !

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GianoPi declares itself a line follower!

We soldered an ADC (MCP3008) to the motor HAT (thanks to adafruit for their tutorial!) and mounted 4 light-to-voltage optical sensors from TAOS at the bottom of the robot using a “home-made” 3D printed holder!
img_3097 photodetectorsupport-_-tinkercad

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A student’s point of view

What is it like to build a robot from scratch?

Robotics club brings together a range of students with varying levels of knowledge of programming and electronics. In my case, being thrown into the challenge of putting together a holonomic robot forced me to design good code and electronic circuits.

A major challenge for me is the difference between what you envisage your code doing, and what it actually ends up doing. For example, we wanted to write a method which allowed us to make the robot move precisely 10cm forwards. With experience in game programming, one might think that this is a simple question of writing a method to move the robot for a certain amount of time. However, since the motors, power source, and overall weight of the robot is variable, we have to take a different approach. Instead, we have to add sensors to the robot to measure how many turns the robot’s wheels have made. The process of adding sensors to a robot is exciting, though, and it feels as if you are making your creature better aware of its surroundings.

Making a robot feels a little bit like playing god; you are building a sentient creature capable of responding to its surroundings in precisely the way that you programmed it to!


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GianoPi : Lachat Robotics club presents its own robot!

gianopi_10-5 After months of design and testing, the Robotics Club (Willem, Daniella, Eamon, Oliver, Magnus and Adren) is proud to present GianoPi, a holonomic robot featuring 2 ultrasonic sensors and 1 Picamera.

Our latest addition to GianoPi is a 10-bit ADC (analog-digital converter) we’re going to use for reading the analogue output from the 4 line sensors we’ve also installed (kind of “donated” by an old -and broken Thymio robot). Let me introduce these creepy tripods:

On the 8th of October, during the Coding Pi Science Event at CERN, different groups of attendants (including students from La Châtaigneraie) built 5 GianoPi robots.  You can read Dr. William Bell’s account of the event on the Raspberry Pi foundation’s website: raspberrypi.org.

we are also happy to announce another very good news: GianoPi has been selected  as one of the competing teams at Pi Wars 2017!

Some members of the club working hard for the assembly of the GianoPi:

If you want to build your own GianoPi, here are the assembly instructions (this is a draft – please excuse the absence of the latest features we’ve added to the robot: ADC, line sensors and optical encoders for the motors…)
The Python code is available from our Github repository: https://github.com/stefsaladino

One last word… Why Giano? Because of the 2 opposite ultrasonic sensors and the omnidirectional movement – Elementary!

An finally, a reading suggestion (available in our library):


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